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HPE StoreEasy Storage
File and application storage made easy.

The right NAS can help you focus on your business

If you need an easy-to-manage centralised space for securely storing documents, images, audio and video files, look no further than HPE StoreEasy Storage – a leading NAS product family under $15K USD.

With StoreEasy 1000, you can have flexible, efficient and reliable file storage, right-sized for your organisation’s needs and budget, without compromising on quality or capabilities.

If you have a SAN array with unused capacity, you can provide file services for user and application data by expanding your storage environment with cluster-ready HPE StoreEasy 3000 Gateways.

Capacity-optimised NAS that scales with your organisation

Packing in 60% more internal capacity than our previous generation’s best seller, the new StoreEasy 1660 Storage scales to 16 LFF drives in just 2U, lowering expansion costs as your organisation’s data grows. Available in standard and higher performance hybrid flash configurations, the StoreEasy 1660 is a resilient, affordable NAS for diverse file storage needs.

Radically simple management for file storage

Years of HPE design and development experience built the new management console for 6th generation HPE StoreEasy 1660 and 1860, cutting management efforts in half and overhauling user experience to deliver a more modern and agile approach for monitoring and managing file storage.

HPE StoreEasy 1660 SAS Storage

HPE StoreEasy 1660 SAS Storage

Simplify the deployment and management associated with file and application storage for small and midsize businesses, branch office, and workgroup environments. Easily and economically support large numbers of users and store growing volumes of files.