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HPE Integrity NonStop NS2400 Server
For businesses that run nonstop

HPE Integrity NonStop NS2300 Server

HPE Integrity NonStop NS2400 Server

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When downtime is not an option

In a world that never stops, having a nonstop business environment is critical. With today’s customers expecting instant access to information and services, downtime is simply not an option.

HPE Integrity NonStop servers are widely recognized as one of the best choices for complex enterprise applications. Their integrated hardware, operating system, and database stack provide the ultimate in scalability and contribute to a server platform with one of the highest built-in reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) levels in the industry.

HPE Integrity NonStop NS2400 Servers run on the J-series HPE NonStop operating system. They share the same unique HPE NonStop platform attributes, such as low total cost of ownership (TCO), real-time database, integrated stack, end-to-end security, and massive scalability, while delivering the same high level of availability and data integrity as the high-end HPE BladeSystem.

Powered by the Intel Itanium Processor 9500 Series, you gain the advantage of one of the world’s most available systems, leveraging an innovative microprocessor technology that can target multiple demand levels of complex applications with improved price and performance.

The HPE Integrity NonStop NS2400 Server provides users with a single-system view of applications. And it can efficiently and transparently make use of up to four processors to promote fast response times in a variety of demanding applications. These include complex payment systems, billing environments, securities trading, and electronic patient records solutions.

The HPE Integrity NonStop NS2400 commercial server is an AC-powered server packaged in a standard commercial rack. The HPE Integrity NonStop NS2400T Server comes in a commercial rack and is DC-powered (-48V). The HPE Integrity NonStop NS2400ST Server is packaged in an extra-sturdy seismic rack and is also DC-powered (-48V).

Key Features

  • Standards-based architecture using the Intel Itanium Processor 9500 Series
  • Integrated hardware and software, enabling application fault tolerance out of the box
  • A flexible platform for heterogeneous environments with a choice of application architectures and management tools
  • A uniquely designed architecture for the absolute highest levels of availability and reliability to enable continuous business
  • A continuation of our long history of offering systems with average uptimes measured in years, and no unscheduled downtime
  • A fully integrated stack of hardware, operating system, database, and software with low TCO
  • Complete application compatibility with all other HPE Integrity NonStop servers

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HPE Integrity NonStop NS2400 Server
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