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HPE IT infrastructure Modernization
Bring the cloud to your data center

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Realize the benefits of cloud across all of your IT infrastructure, whether you’re operating fully on premises or in a mix of data centers and clouds. You can optimize cost, security, and management while achieving agility and scalability by using private cloud as a platform to unify and automate your IT infrastructure and operational processes.

A Proven Approach To IT Infrastructure Modernization

With an unbiased approach developed through more than 1,000 cloud transformation projects, HPE cloud consultants help you stay ahead of the best way to optimize your environments and unleash your people.

Build a hybrid-ready private cloud

Modernize and automate your IT infrastructure to bring cloud-like speed and economics to on-premises infrastructure.

Containerize your applications

Adopt a container strategy to allow workloads to be executed and operated on a wide variety of platforms where resources can be scaled up and down dynamically in a policy-driven manner.

Modernize your IT infrastructure

Bring storage, network, and compute together as a single, automated appliance and extract data from across hybrid environments.

Modernize your SAP environment

Unlock the agility promised by SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise application suite to realize your vision for digital business.

Make your applications cloud-friendly

Modernize strategic applications to take advantage of hybrid cloud features and provide business benefits in today’s digital environment, which requires new approaches to fully leverage new levels of agility, scale, and performance.

IT Infrastructure Modernization Solutions

HPE has the expertise, technologies, and partner ecosystem to help you modernize your IT infrastructure, speed operations, and focus on innovation.

Application Modernization for Cloud

A proven approach to modernization that transforms your application for optimal cloud operation and speeds time to market.

HPE Container Platform

A Kubernetes-based software platform for deploying and managing containerized applications in the enterprise at scale.

HPE Container Platform Service

A service to help define your container strategy across your hybrid cloud and determine which container management platforms to use.

HPE GreenLake for Microsoft Azure Stack

A flexible, pay-per-use model, that lets you consume what you need when you need it, and take the hassle out of deploying Microsoft Azure Stack on your own.

HPE Hybrid Cloud Modernization for SAP Intelligent Enterprise

Methodologies and tools to help you accelerate the design, build, and operation of a modern SAP environment.

Microsoft Azure Stack Adoption

A cloud platform that is easily and quickly accessible and consumable.

VMware Services

A comprehensive assessment and report assessing your VMware landscape, dependencies, and challenges, as well as recommendations for transformation.

HPE Network Services for Cloud

HPE Network Services for Cloud (NSC) address the need for Customers to transform their network to meet the demands of cloud-based workloads.

Success In Action- Peering One Solution

Peering One, a leading provider of cloud and data center services in the Asia‑Pacific region, needed a Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud solution to reach new markets while minimizing its investment risk. It implemented a scalable, on‑demand, consumption‑based delivery model and now enables customers to meet data sovereignty and compliance requirements with all the advantages of the Azure cloud.

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